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DéDannan Law and Mediation

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June 2023

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Welcome to my new website, DeDannan Law, and Mediation

DéDannan Mediation supports people to resolve conflicts by using restorative approaches. Broadly speaking, restorative approaches enable people to come together to improve their understanding of an issue and improve things for the future.

We provide couples separation and divorce mediation, we also support community settings for neighbours or families in conflict, and we also undertake workplace mediation for colleagues or teams in conflict. 

If you would like more information you can pop over to our dedicated Mediation Website where you can contact and also book mediation sessions online.

Mediation Services in Ireland,
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Mediation Services,
When couples decide to separate or divorce Family Mediation is a confidential, flexible, cost-effective, and time-efficient way for couples to divide their assets and settle other issues, such as maintenance, guardianship, child access parenting plans, and pensions in a fair and equitable manner.  Family mediation, is divided into many areas but separating couples and divorce mediation are the main areas which are dealt with in mediation, there are others such as elder, which is defined below,
Separating couples and Divorce mediation,
The following are some of the issues which can be dealt with in Separating Couples and Divorce Mediation: Future Living Arrangements, Division of Assets, Maintenance, Custody, Access and Guardianship, Co-Parenting Plan, Communication Problems, Pensions, Future Family Income
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