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Planning Permission in Ireland in 2021 and the “locals only” rule.

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Applying for planning permission (and actually getting it) is one of the most frustrating, nerve-wrecking elements of creating a new home for you and your family. It is right up there on top of the most stressful tasks a person can undertake.
Ensuring that your project matches up to your expectations, whilst also fitting in with local and national policy, takes a lot of time and experience.
The formal application itself is pretty straightforward, however, it’s vital that you tackle the task with care and attention.
Mistakes and omissions at the planning stage can cause frustrating delays or even destroy your chances of success.
Another frustrating aspect of planning in Ireland is the dreaded “local needs” conditions, which I will go into great detail about, i.e. the legalities of such conditions and how you can assert your knowledge of these (illegal) rules at your pre-planning stage, WITHOUT jeopardising your application.
Whether you’ll be making your own application, or have a planning consultant or architect on board to do it for you, it’s worth knowing what’s involved and how you can get the best from it.
I have a booklet which explains all of the above and more information on the local needs conditions etc.

*disclaimer, nothing in the enclosed article is any kind of legal advice, it is opinion based on experience and should not be taken as any form of advice, just opinion. Please seek independent planning and legal advice on any aspect of planning process in Ireland before proceeding as you can not use this article as means for retribution should you fail. T. Clyne

So, Where to Start

Below is a step by step planning application and the “local needs” (mostly) illegal condition.

The Flemish Decree Case and Local needs conditions in Ireland
Local needs and illegal conditions imposed by Irish county councils

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