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A new Era in Irish History

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What is Criminology ?

Criminology examines why people commit crime, these are the pivotal questions in the ongoing debate of how crime should be handled and prevented. It is an area of law that deals with victims of crime, theories explaining illegal and/or deviant behaviour, the social reaction to crime, the effectiveness of anti-crime policies and the broader political terrain of social control.

Areas of expertise of Criminologists(small example)

Anomie, Social Control Theories
Labelling Theory and Critical Criminology
White Collar Crime

What is Forensic Psychology?

(The science of Behaviour)

Forensic Psychology is used within the justice system to assess offenders, identify criminal capacity in young people and to characterise psychopaths. Identify fitness to stand trial and finally they can be used to determine the likelihood of future violence. Can be used to assess the future criminality of offending minors

Areas of expertise of Forensic Psychologists (small sample)

Criminal Responsibility and Psychiatric Defences
Mental Disorder as a Defence
Eyewitness Testimony

What is Criminal Psychology?

Criminal Psychology (The study of criminal minds)

Criminal Psychology is in plain English, the study of why criminals do what they do. In essence, it is the study of the mental processes, motivational patterns, and behaviour of criminals.

Areas of expertise of Criminal Psychologists (small sample)

Offender Profiling
Geographical Profiling
Eye witness testimony

So, here I am, on the fringes of society, to be honest, Ive always been here, but quietly, to myself, staying out of the mayhem of “conspiracy theorists”. but alas, I have to admit, I am a conspiracy theorist, or AM I?

When I said at the beginning of lock-down last year that we would be in a tyranny within 18 months, even I didn’t fully understand the scope or truly believe how quick it would all go wrong. Oh but here we are.

From next week, (Leo says a few weeks, “like the first lockdown” i assume he has no bloody idea what a week is, his land must be a strange place as its almost 70 weeks since lock-down) “people like me” will not be allowed into pubs or restaurants without our Holocaust Badges, oops, covid passports.

Thankfully it doesn’t bother me, pubs etc, not a fan anyway, but it is now boiling my blood to see so many people rushing for vaccines so they can sit down and have a pint. Whats more, they’re lining up for it. this is disturbing to say the least, but I am not judging anyone for getting it, they are bombarded with fear and blackmail at every turn, don’t get the vaccine, DIE, or KILL someone you love, don’t get the vaccine, you will be an outcast and not ALLOWED INTO PUBS. of course those who are susceptible to brainwashing and fear-mongering really cannot be to blame.

But that comes back to me, am I alone? No, Im contacted on a daily basis, to help with the resistance, and yes this is a word that’s being used, so, what now, well i’m not really sure, but i can tell you, im not going to be forced into a vaccine until I know its passed it trials, and NO ITS NOT passed its trials until 2023, if you do even a tiny bit of research you’ll see that. Am I anti-vaxer, NO, I have all my vaccines, the ones i got growing up, you know the ones, yeah the ones that were tested and tested before we got them. Am I anti establishment, aghh… well, im anti corruption and anti lies, so probably yes.

We do I go from here, well(tongue in cheek) obviously not to far as ill not be allowed in the general public soon for lack of my holocaust badge, (oops, jees I keep making that mistake) my covid passport. So we may set up camp us Fringe Dwellers and make up our own community.

Four Courts

Dublin Round Hall

The Irish Legal System

Private Investigation Course


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