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What is Criminology ?

Criminology examines why people commit crime, these are the pivotal questions in the ongoing debate of how crime should be handled and prevented. It is an area of law that deals with victims of crime, theories explaining illegal and/or deviant behaviour, the social reaction to crime, the effectiveness of anti-crime policies and the broader political terrain of social control.

Areas of expertise of Criminologists(small example)

Anomie, Social Control Theories
Labelling Theory and Critical Criminology
White Collar Crime

What is Forensic Psychology?

(The science of Behaviour)

Forensic Psychology is used within the justice system to assess offenders, identify criminal capacity in young people and to characterise psychopaths. Identify fitness to stand trial and finally they can be used to determine the likelihood of future violence. Can be used to assess the future criminality of offending minors

Areas of expertise of Forensic Psychologists (small sample)

Criminal Responsibility and Psychiatric Defences
Mental Disorder as a Defence
Eyewitness Testimony

What is Criminal Psychology?

Criminal Psychology (The study of criminal minds)

Criminal Psychology is in plain English, the study of why criminals do what they do. In essence, it is the study of the mental processes, motivational patterns, and behaviour of criminals.

Areas of expertise of Criminal Psychologists (small sample)

Offender Profiling
Geographical Profiling
Eye witness testimony


PAS otherwise known as Parental Alienation Syndrome.

Parents can become entwined in long arduous custody battles after separation or divorce, however some take it to a new high.  Fighting, screaming, power struggles, ego’s and of course money all become “open season” in some of these cases.

It can be said that some parents go to war, cheating, neglect etc, accusations are abound and rife, court hearings now become part of the lives of these families and solicitors are quickly gathering new armour for which they can use to fight cases where there was never armour before.  Men back up man and women back up women, gender wars so to speak, but the one question I ask, “who backs up the children?”.  Guardian Ad Litem? do they work,? I don not have the evidence to make an empirically grounded assumption but I will in the near future.

I am very aware of Parental Alienation, I was a victim or “target parent”, my partner got a custody case in my absence and due to lies, deceit and crying was able to get that order from a sympathetic judge, he accused me of all kinds of horrific abuse which of course were untrue but a child who is daily barraged with the “stories” of abuse which “I inflicted” on him, as a small child they are susceptible.  He believed and even “remembered” the abuse which I had ” bestowed” on him.

Parental Alienation can also be the product of ne parents need to protect a child, but as I found out, it can also be used as a weapon to ensure punishment for the other parent for leaving, which was my case.  The power struggle was so immense for him that it chewed up his every day as he was plotting every day how to bestow more revenge on me, meanwhile after 6 court battles and losing due to the “child’s fear” of me I let go, gave up in essence, theres only so much a parent can be accused of treachery, abuse, assault, neglect, and in the latter cases sexual abuse allegation against my family members, so, I gave up, although hurt over losing my child I had other children and I had to move on for them, be a whole parent, so I got on with my life as best as I could.

So, what happened the child, its sad but we have never had a relationship, even after he turned 18 he decided not to have a relationship with any of us, he still “remembered all the abuse” and couldn’t forgive.  It was him predominately who got hurt, the other children too but mostly him, as the kids I raised were whole and happy, they had me and each other, and in a sad turn, the child, he only had him, he never met anyone else, he was bitter and angry “and still is” and the child ended up on prescription medications and still take anti-depression medications. His life has been destroyed by the actions of a bitter and angry parent.  Child abuse, yes, from him not me.  So why was he never brought to justice…. gender bias, of course.

So I hear you say, so then you are a supporter of Parental Alienation Syndrome, NO, In the beginning I was, I was an advocate and even worked on cases to help the alienated parents, however, I became aware quickly that these parents were using this PAS as a weapon, a tool to get what they wanted.  It was not being used for the purpose which it was first used, to help. Now PAS is a trick which abusers can use to get custody of their children, whereas this syndrome has no medical backing or empirical testing or research to PROVE it even exists, just opinions of professionals who coined it and now use it to cash in on desperate and ego driven psychopaths to gain power over their ex partners and children, to bully and mentally and physically alienate the children from a parent whose main aim was more than likely to keep them safe.

PAS must be debunked legally and FAST.  Before too many psychotic or psychopathic abusers are awarded custody of children who are in a fragile and mentally terrifying place and who need the protection of the law and NOT that of ego driven advocates whose sole purpose is to win cases and prove their points of awarding custody of vulnerable children to the abusers/s and create a lifelong cycle of mental abuse and psychological problems for children.



  1. I have detailed knowledge of many hundreds of Family Law cases from Case Judgements and from the information sent to me for professional advice and guidance in such cases over the last 25 years.
    In many cases involving partner violence and child abuse, it is plain to see that the assailant/abuser meets the diagnostic criteria of psychopathy e.g. lack of empathy, compassion, emotions, and remorse, blaming others for their actions, Jekyll and Hyde personalities, cunningly manipulative (especially with lawyers and court consultants) and well practiced in gaslighting. However they are never referred for psychiatric assessment despite often long histories of violent conduct, abuse, and even rape.This appears not be being recognised by Courts.

    The victims of family violence and child abuse most commonly appear to have distinct signs of Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder of a kind seen only in soldiers who have been exposed to long periods of intense combat. The CPSD and the gaslighting often result in such victims having severe cognitive dissonance (disabled from thinking clearly and organising their thinking processes). Yet again this appears not to be recognised and instead they are labelled as “non-specific Borderline Personality Disorders’, or as being `delusional’ regarding the violence and abuse very often despite very clear physical evidence of such abuse.

    Such lack of diagnoses in the first instance and incorrect diagnoses in the second instance is a recurrent them in the narrative of Family Court cases.


    • teresaclyne says:

      Yes, I understand completely, I was one of the ones blinded by the whole PAS, as I was a target parent I wanted to be able to explain the abusers behaviour, and yes I was one of the ones that PAS “could” have helped had it been around when I needed it. But I now see that this is a new area where abusers use this tool to gain power and boost ego’s, and I agree psychopathy without a doubt.

      Thank you Charles for your great insight.


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