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The Handy Booklet of Irish Law – The Irish Legal System

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This Introduction to Irish law bookletClick Here to BUYThe Irish Legal System

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The Irish Legal System

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The Irish Legal System

An Introduction to the Irish Legal System for beginners

This Introduction to Irish law booklet is a handy little number, it is compiled so that the most difficult and challenging terminology, rules and principles are explained, leaving you to enjoy learning about the law in Ireland without the headache of first learning terminology and confounding principles.

Law and the legal system are at the heart of all aspects of life in Ireland, from buying a cup of coffee on the way to work to investing in your first (or any home), getting a job to opening a new business, law surrounds our every move, yet most people living in Ireland are unaware of its impact on their daily lives.

The first time most people encounter the law is either, in a small civil matter, like contract issues, or minor road traffic offences, such as parking illegally or speeding etc.

This basic introductory booklet is just that, a layman’s guide, it is not meant to be an academic text book, it is merely a guide, however, saying that, many first year law students on the CPA, ATI and ACCA courses as well as year one legal proactive and LLB students find it invaluable as it introduces all the rules and principles in plain English and they can then get on with the important task of learning the terminology once they come to grasps with the principles.

There is a self-test MCQ at the end of the book AND answers.

**Warning; another disclaimer ** This booklet has at its core, terminology which is aimed at a novice, it has some terminology explained in plain English in brackets (like this) and explanations of core rules and principles (at the end of paragraphs), it has icons and also humorous pictures (to remove the staunchness of legal reading), and at the end it has some court humour excerpts and the lighter side of law, a look at some old, strange and by modern standards, weird laws, if you don’t want to see these when you are reading your legal book, probably best for you not to buy/read this one.

So what’s inside

What is a legal system

What is a crime

The distinction between criminal and civil cases

The burden and standard of proof

Classification of Laws

Substantive Law

Procedural Law

Civil Law

Criminal law

Natural Law

Canon law

The Rule of Law

Common law compared to Civil law

Common Law Civil Law

Pre Common Law in Ireland

Brehon Law

Sources of law in Ireland

European Community Law

The Doctrine of Supremacy

The European Community Treaties

Regulations Directives

The EC institutions

The Organs of the EC

The Irish Constitution

Fundamental personal rights guaranteed under the Irish constitution

Common Law

Acts of the Oireachtas or Legislation

Primary Legislation

Delegated Secondary legislation

Associated Statutory Instruments

The Rule of Law

The Separation of Powers

The Attorney General

The Organs of State

The President

The Executive

The Legislative

The Judiciary

Judicial Independence

The legislative process in Ireland

Statutory Interpretation

Aids to Interpretation

Intrinsic aids Extrinsic aids

Interpretation Acts

The Law of Equity

Equitable Remedies

An Introduction to the Irish Court System

The District Court in Ireland

The Small Claims Court

The Circuit Court in Ireland

The High Court in Ireland

Structure of the High Court of Ireland

The Court of Appeal in Ireland

The Supreme Court in Ireland

The lighter side of the law

Multiple Choice Questions




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